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The Treatments


Reintegration Massage

This massage has been developed to help you to regain your emotional, physical and mental balance. By identifying not only your blockages, but also their origins, I will help you to release and reintegrate them on emotional, physical, and mental levels.

Through a combination of my touch and our conversations, I will bring your feelings, memories, and emotions into consciousness. When left unprocessed, these feelings can remain in your body, leading to behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you. This treatment method offers the possibility to cultivate self-love and activate self-healing powers, and is both practical and highly effective. The full body massage is generally practiced directly on the skin using essential oils, although this is optional. My touch is gentle yet energetically deep and healing, promoting relaxation, clarity, and encouraging you to let go.


Our consultation can take place either online or in person. We will delve deeper into your personal situation, exploring both practical and energetic aspects. Together, we will identify the reasons behind any challenges you may be facing and find solutions to support you in overcoming them. Our approach is always grounded in love, with a focus on identifying and addressing any obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.



Our workshops are practical and focused on self-exploration. You will gain true insight and learn how to feel a deeper personal connection to the specific topic. This will help you to develop a greater understanding of yourself and support your
personal growth and self-work.


Reintegration Reflexology

During this foot massage treatment, I work through the reflex zones, reading these areas to identify unprocessed themes, so that you can become conscious of any suppressed emotions or experiences related to your current situation that may be holding you back from living as your authentic self and reaching your full potential.
This therapy follows a similar principle and technique to the reintegration massage, but with a specific focus on the feet.



Etheric Osteopathy

It is not possible for one to be completely healthy if there is an imbalance in either the bone structure or organs. There may be stored tensions or imbalances in different parts of the body that prevent us from fully embracing our power.

Etheric osteopathy involves scanning the spine, bone structure, organs and tissues to locate any imbalances.

I will guide you through the process of identifying the root cause of your issues and work with you to develop a path to healing. I will offer advice and help you to come to your own understanding of what it takes to heal yourself.

Etheric osteopathy is a therapeutic approach that empowers clients to recognise and address issues, providing advice on how to activate self-healing. It has long-lasting effects, as problems are identified and treated at their source. When a client is truly committed to their healing journey, the therapist has the opportunity to transform sick matter into healthy matter. However, this can only occur once clients themselves have understood and integrated their lesson in the healing process.



Treatments take place in my workspace located in the tranquil countryside of Ibiza, or I can come to you. Consultations can be conducted online or via phone call. If you have any further questions or wish to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate to send me an email or whatsapp.

This work can help you with

  • life-changing situations

  • feeling stuck or lost

  • traumas

  • emotional and mental imbalance

  • all kinds of physical problems

  • calming the nervous system and releasing tensions

  • relationship issues

  • decision making

  • finding inner peace and clarity

  • a deeper understanding of yourself

  • living your life with more love, joy, and fulfillment


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