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Sa'Sen Yin

Sa’Sen Yin is a non-methodical method that aims to help people become self-determined, independent, and in their full power. This method encourages individuals to stand in themselves and take full responsibility for their lives with love. The intention is to inspire self-healing, and establish ways to achieve all of these goals by creating a loving atmosphere where clients are able to look within themselves to discover what is important for them, at that moment. By doing so, individuals can live their lives in holistic health and take responsibility for their well- being, essentially becoming independent of the therapist.

Sa’Sen Yin’s non-methodical approach is tailored to each individual client, taking into account their own unique experiences and needs. The therapist works with the client to gently observe what is present within them, without interpreting or analysing the observations. Throughout this process, clients are able to reconnect with their deepest inner selves, rediscover their true potential, and begin to live their lives in harmony and holistic health.

The Sa’Sen Yin method was developed by Ria Panen Godesberg, who practiced and lived on the island of Ibiza for 40 years before moving to the Eifel in Germany. Ria recognized that the island of Ibiza has a unique power, which brings out the deepest aspects of a person. In the Eifel, Ria continues to develop the approach, and train therapists in the Sa’Sen Yin method, as well as holding various workshops, seminars and courses. Ria’s ability to help individuals to connect with their deepest selves is passed on to the therapists she trains, allowing seekers to find their own


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