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About Sa'Sen Yin

Sa’Sen Yin is a method that focuses on facilitating self-discovery and empowerment, rather than following a strict set of guidelines or techniques. The goal is to enable individuals to become self-determined and in control of their lives, taking full responsibility for their own wellbeing and finding true harmony within themselves. The approach fosters a loving atmosphere, in which people are able to look within and discover what is important to them at any given moment, promoting holistic health and self-healing. Ultimately, the aim is to inspire individuals to take charge of their lives and create a fulfilling, balanced existence.



Reintegration Massage

​By working with the body and reflex zones, we can address emotional and mental patterns that are stored in the body. This can help you to process previously unprocessed experiences and inner conflicts, promoting physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The treatment involves a full body massage with essential oils. My touch is gentle, yet energetically deep, ensuring that you feel relaxed, released, and much clearer afterwards.

Etheric Osteopathy

Etheric osteopathy is designed to address a wide range of physical, emotional and mental complaints. During the treatment, I will guide you through an inner clearing process that will help you consciously see and understand the root of your issues or behaviours, encouraging self-healing.


Our consultation can take place online or in person. We will delve deeper into your
personal situation, exploring both practical and energetical aspects. Together, we will
identify the reasons for any challenges you may be facing and find solutions to s
upport you in overcoming them. Our approach is always grounded in love, with a focus on identifying and addressing any obstacles that may be preventing you from realising your full potential.

This work can help you with

  • life-changing situations

  • feeling stuck or lost

  • traumas

  • emotional and mental imbalance

  • all kinds of physical problems

  • calming the nervous system and releasing tensions

  • relationship issues

  • decision making

  • finding inner peace and clarity

  • a deeper understanding of yourself

  • living your life with more love, joy, and fulfillment


About me

My passions for the holistic being, combined with a natural urge to research, and take a deeper look behind the obvious, are what support me in my work. In turn, I am able to support you in your process with true compassion and depth. I have always been fascinated by the complexity, wholeness, and interaction of emotions, mind, and body - how they flow together and influence each other. It is my biggest joy to accompany you on your journey towards your inner being, so that you can discover the hidden, forgotten parts and aspects within yourself. In my work as a certified Sa’Sen Yin practitioner, I live my talents with love and use them for your benefit in a very practical way. By doing so, all obstacles can be discovered and solved and together, we can enhance self-healing. All with a loving understanding of your personal responsibility. This will help you to discover what lies within, and live your life to your full potential.



"Maren has the wonderful gift of being able to fully engage with the other person and to perceive with all her senses. She is so connected to the divine level that she senses all emotions that are there or arise, perceives them correctly and opens and holds a space for them. My treatments have always helped me to resolve something on a physical as well as a spiritual level. An intense and deeply transforming kind of treatment."

Britta Wirbach

"Maren's work is extraordinary. It is deeper, more precise and effective than any therapy or healing I have ever experienced. Whatever is going on - she will get to the core and it will heal from within."


Nadine Hamburger

"Maren releases big and long overdue stress that lives in our pain body. We can do so much ourselves, we can do inner work, heal and transform. But that residue what's still in our bodies without us knowing it... we cannot release ourselves. That's the perfect point for me and my clients to go to Maren."


Leontine Boxem

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